Finca Solantis

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Reconnect with your roots in NATURE to reach your full potential

About us


We want to offer a space where you can unlock your full potential and live in balance with the natural world. We provide an amazing space for you to reconnect with your roots and inner purpose. Here you can cultivate a new sense of living, thinking and being. Nestled in the mountains away from the noise is Finca Solantis the perfect hideaway from the routines of daily life. Enjoy the amazing views and animals of the rainforest. This is a place to call home and reconnect with yourself.

Our vision is to create a self-sustaining regenerative space moving away

from the current systems and birthing a new culture


Retreats and Workshops

We offer retreats and workshops on Finca solantis.

The focus of these events is on holistic development, permaculture, yoga,

meditation and connecting with nature. It is also possible to host events on our farm.

Awaken your Inner

God(dess) Retreat


04 apr. 19:00 - 07apr. 20:00


Santa Maria de Dota,

Santa Marianne Dota, San Jose,

Santa Maria, Costa Rica


Finca Solantis

Within the heart of Nature 

Finca Solantis is located high up in the mountains, with 2000 meters (6,500 feet) of altitude, and a 20 minute adventurous drive from the village going deep into the mountain range.


Arriving at Finca Solantis you will immediately feel the peacefulness and connection with nature. Surrounded by 40 ha (98 acres) of primary forest, passion fruit plantations, and an abundance of wildlife and biodiversity, this finca offers the perfect hide-away from daily life.

The Cabinas

Our wooden cabins sit at the top of the mountain under a blanket of stars overlooking the forest where you can enjoy the evening sunsets from your porch.  

There are several cabinas in which you can stay comfortably.  Both private and shared cabinas are possible. 


You will have the chance to explore our mystical cave next to the calming waterfall as well as the meditation rock offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley.


After a day filled with energy work, hikes, and creative exercises, refresh yourself in the natural spring fed pool hidden among the forest. 


The Farm 

Using biodynamic regenerative agriculture to create a system that will continue to make top soil for years to come, the farm is a growing work in progress. All members are working on integrating a zero waste policy and are using all forms of human disposal and waste to enrich and change the environment around us. 

Through regenerative agriculture we want to create a system that will continue to make a positive impact for years to come.



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